Greetings Cards

I am now pleased to be able to offer a growing selection of my photos as Greetings Cards. The photos below are available as Greetings Cards, and I will upload further images as other cards become available.

The cards cost £1.50 each or £6 for 5 - I can post at cost if required, and am able to accept payment via PayPal, cheque or cash.

I live in Bitterne Park, Southampton, and am happy to deliver locally if you order 5 cards, or even a single card if you are very local.

The dimensions are:  Landscape & Portrait 7" x 5", and Square 6" x 6". They are all blank inside and come with envelopes and cellophane wraps.

Some of the cards might have a slightly different aspect/crop ration from the photos on the website. This is due to the fact that I have to add a 3mm print bleed, and because I might need to size them to fit the ration of the card.

Please contact me if you wish to order or have any questions. My phone number is also on the 'contact' page, as well as an email form.

Thank you for your interest, Roy

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roykaye Bluebells Abstract 
 bluebells & daisies (abstract)

code: UP-100504-1 
 Keywords: Abstract, Bluebells, Flowers, Locations, Upham, Wildflowers
roykaye Lilies Fritham 
eyeworth pond

code: FRI-100823-6 
 Keywords: Eyeworth Pond, Flowers, Fritham, Lilies, Locations
roykaye Horses SwanwickLakes 
 argentinian criollo horses
swanwick lakes

code: SWA-100917-1 
 Keywords: Animals, Horses, Locations, Swanwick
roykaye TallTrees Rhinefield 
 tall trees
rhinefield drive

code: RH-101108-1 
 Keywords: Landscape, Locations, Rhinefield, Trees, Various
roykaye BeachHuts Calshot 
 beach huts

code: FAW-110212-3 
 Keywords: Beach Huts, Buildings, Calshot, Locations, Seascape, Various
roykaye CarvedFace HollyHill 
 serene face carved in a tree
holly hill

code: HOL-110323-2 
 Keywords: Holly Hill, Locations, Trees
roykaye The-Duckling Swanwick 
 the duckling
swanwick lakes

code: SWA-110428-1 
 Keywords: Birds, Ducks, Locations, Swanwick
roykaye AwaitingTheTide 
 awaiting the tide
dawn at hill head harbour

code: HH-111113-1 
 Keywords: Boats, Hill Head, Locations, Seascape, Sky, Various
roykaye The-Puddle Brownwich 
 the puddle

code: CHILL-120129-1 
 Keywords: Black & White, Chilling, Landscape, Locations, Various
roykaye River-Itchen Bishopstoke 
 the river itchen in february

code: BI-120209-3 
 Keywords: Bishopstoke, Landscape, Locations, Rivers, Various
roykaye NavigationLights Swanwick 
 navigation lights
the river hamble

code: SWA-120301-28 
 Keywords: Locations, River Hamble, Rivers, Swanwick
roykaye Dreaming on the Itchen 
 dreaming on the itchen
the river itchen
st.cross, winchester

code: ST-120321-7 
 Keywords: Birds, Locations, River Itchen, Rivers, St.Catherines Hill, Swans
roykaye MastsAtDawn Swanwick 
 boats in the morning mist
the river hamble
(B&W Split-Toned)

code: SWA-120413-3 
 Keywords: Black & White, Boats, Locations, River Hamble, Rivers, Swanwick, Various
roykaye Bindweed FishlakeMeadows 
 bindweed at sunset
fishlake meadows

code: FIS-120728-3 
 Keywords: Bindweed, Fishlake Meadows, Flowers, Locations
roykaye BeechTree TelegraphWoods 
 beech tree in autumn (abstract)
telegraph woods

code: TEL-121102-10 
 Keywords: Abstract, Autumn, Beech, Leaves, Locations, Telegraph Woods, Trees, Various
roykaye FloodedMeadow 
 flooded meadow at sunset
itchen valley country park

code: MAN-130111-6 
 Keywords: Landscape, Locations, Mansbridge, Sunset, Various
roykaye Blossom Brambridge 
 spring blossom

code: BRA-130516-10 
 Keywords: Blossom, Brambridge, Flowers, Locations
roykaye Bryony Twyford 
 bryony berries

code: TWY-130830-5 
 Keywords: Berries, Black Bryony, Bryony, Flowers, Locations, Twyford Waterworks
roykaye Bluebells ItchenWood 
 bluebell wood
itchen wood

code: MICH-140514-1 
 Keywords: Beech, Bluebells, Flowers, Landscape, Locations, Micheldever, Trees, Various
roykaye Sycamore-Leaves Abstract 
 sycamore sunset (abstract)

code: BRA-140919-7 
 Keywords: Abstract, Brambridge, Leaves, Locations, Sycamore, Trees

Images 1-20 of 20 displayed.